Diss email? Think again. According to a new study conducted by Forrester, maturity in cross-channel marketing is low and, despite the adoption of multiple channels in marketing programs, integration, and coordination do not occur consistently. The global research study, dubbed “The Road to Cross-Channel Maturity,” also found that marketers seasoned in email, more than any other digital… Read More

In advertising circles it’s often said that the art of email marketing and the science of email marketing are separate but, in truth, one influences the other and vice versa. The art of email marketing refers to such things as its layout and design. The tactics employed to make sure that emails are delivered, clicked on and… Read More

Many email marketers find out the hard way that there’s a difference between staying “top of mind” and sending readers more emails than they care to receive, and it’s usually when they see their opt-out rate increasing rapidly. The fact is that over a third of all opt-outs have been found to be caused by email frequency… Read More

It’s been dying for close to a decade now. But yet it still lives. Like cockroaches, Twinkies, and Cher, email marketing just can’t be stopped and will probably persist forever. And with good reason. Incredibly, email marketing still has an ROI that consistently ranks very, very high when compared to other marketing tactics. Already in 2014 it’s… Read More

According to the published findings of Econsultancy‘s 8th annual Email Marketing Industry Census – the “largest UK survey of email marketers” – revenue from email has increased by 28% in one year. Nearly 7 out of 10 companies (68%) ranked email marketing as “good” or “excellent,” making it the best-ranked channel amid some pretty hefty competition, which… Read More

With most consumers receiving dozens of unwanted or unsolicited emails per day, the email marketing landscape has become increasingly saturated. It is no wonder that marketers are having a difficult time cutting through the clutter as they endeavor to reach their audience. What’s more, a resounding majority of connected consumers are now checking email while on the… Read More

Email marketing campaigns are more relevant and in demand than ever for a wide range of brands and businesses. Email remains an excellent way to stay in contact with and notify customers of relevant company news, upcoming discounts, attractive promotions, and other information about the quality products and services they’ve come to know. With the increase in… Read More

A recent study performed by Econsultancy and SEMPO was conducted with information gathered by over 400 marketing companies, agencies, and consultants, 73% of which are based in the US. The primary focus of the study was to determine how the increase in mobile web browsing is changing the face of online marketing. Clearly, as mobile web browsing… Read More


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