According to the published findings of Econsultancy‘s 8th annual Email Marketing Industry Census – the “largest UK survey of email marketers” – revenue from email has increased by 28% in one year. Nearly 7 out of 10 companies (68%) ranked email marketing as “good” or “excellent,” making it the best-ranked channel amid some pretty hefty competition, which… Read More

With most consumers receiving dozens of unwanted or unsolicited emails per day, the email marketing landscape has become increasingly saturated. It is no wonder that marketers are having a difficult time cutting through the clutter as they endeavor to reach their audience. What’s more, a resounding majority of connected consumers are now checking email while on the… Read More

Email marketing campaigns are more relevant and in demand than ever for a wide range of brands and businesses. Email remains an excellent way to stay in contact with and notify customers of relevant company news, upcoming discounts, attractive promotions, and other information about the quality products and services they’ve come to know. With the increase in… Read More

A recent study performed by Econsultancy and SEMPO was conducted with information gathered by over 400 marketing companies, agencies, and consultants, 73% of which are based in the US. The primary focus of the study was to determine how the increase in mobile web browsing is changing the face of online marketing. Clearly, as mobile web browsing… Read More

Daily Deal Media recently published findings from its comprehensive 2013 Online Marketing Trends Merchant Survey. The report highlights how merchants have adapted to online marketing, which marketing channels they find effective, how much time and money they spend on social media, and how they plan on spending 2014 marketing budgets. More than 13,000 merchants based in the… Read More

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Big Data is one that very few saw coming – email. Today, the information recorded about shopping habits and online consumer preferences is being used to shape branded email messages that have a much more potent impact on potential customers than they have ever had before. And guess what?  Consumers actually… Read More

If there were any doubts before, the time to dispatch them is now. Consumers the world over are using their mobile devices to check and respond to email in numbers previously unimaginable. Today, nearly two-thirds (65%) of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices. Citing the latest industry data showcasing the muscle of mobile in email marketing,… Read More

Although email marketing is one of the oldest digital resources in a marketer’s arsenal, it is still outperforming every other kind of digital marketing, including social media, native advertisements, and even banner ads. Though most of the hype these days is directed toward social media marketing, email remains the best way to build a personal and consistent… Read More


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