As the so-called “Me Generation” comes of age, marketers have begun to see a much higher demand for personalized marketing messages.  The latest industry data, for example, suggests that a majority of consumers would prefer a personalized email over a stock one (no shocker there). Similarly, recent polling reveals that this growing consumer demand applies to all… Read More

With the advent of mobile marketing, the casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. But for the casinos that fail to capitalize, they’ll be left to helplessly watch as their players are successfully courted by casinos that have already embraced mobile marketing. Today, investing in mobile marketing is hardly a gamble for casinos. When it comes… Read More

Although email marketing is one of the oldest digital resources in a marketer’s arsenal, it is still outperforming every other kind of digital marketing, including social media, native advertisements, and even banner ads. Though most of the hype these days is directed toward social media marketing, email remains the best way to build a personal and consistent… Read More

While social media and text message marketing are undeniably effective for reaching mass audiences and niche groups alike, email marketing is still king of the marketing world when it comes to return on investment and the highest number of conversions. And because email can now be read on almost every major mobile device, it is easier than… Read More

It’s a brave new world for email marketing. If your messages aren’t tailored for mobile devices, their impact will be muted. With a record number of consumers checking their emails daily on mobile devices, marketers must now ensure that their emails reach the masses where they dwell – on mobile. To ensure your campaigns are keeping pace… Read More

Following a thorough analysis of billions of marketing emails, a recent study found that more than half of all conversions (56%) produced by these emails took place on a tablet. Desktop has long been considered the favorite of email marketing, but as more consumers than ever flock to mobile devices, it seems only natural to see a… Read More

Marketers are always looking for the “next big thing” that will bolster their reach and engagement with highly coveted targeted demographics. But what may be most effective for marketers in the future is that which we already know is effective today – email marketing. In fact, when it comes to targeting the crucial mom segment of consumers,… Read More

It’s the end of the week. You’re ready to disconnect from the always-connected work world you inhabit Monday through Friday. And the last thing you want to do is open more emails, right? Maybe not. According to new information about global daily email click rates, Friday may actually be the best day to connect with current or… Read More


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