It’s no secret that email marketing is a powerful tool for communicating with visitors, customers and prospects, but like other marketing mediums, you have to uphold a certain set of rules or best practices to ensure a compliant and successful campaign. Two of the most important aspects of successful email marketing campaigns are adhering to certain codes… Read More

I recently came across a great article on the future of deliverability. Quick overview: We all know that when a subscriber clicks the ”report as spam” button, the ISP gets data to help them make decisions about what they want to do with a senders email   such as block or send to the spam folder. ISPs… Read More

Read the full article here: “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan had a problem. With an abysmal delivery rate of 81.29 percent, his email campaigns weren’t getting through to many of the people who wanted them. “The company was constantly getting complaints from its subscribers,” explains a mobileStorm case study. “Consumers claimed they hadn’t received Cesar Millan’s once-monthly… Read More

You’ve gotten a sales pitch from every e-mail marketer on the planet . . . but what should you really be looking for in an effective e-mail marketing campaign? Hear it from the experts on Jeremy’s Desktop, Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 2pm PST. CEO and founder of mobileStorm, Jared Reitzin, will make a special guest appearance… Read More

We all know that reaching your audience with a relevant message and a targeted list is all you need to get results . . . Not! No one knows this better than the one person who knows more about dogs than dogs do. Cesar Millan learned the hard way, that email delivery is a skilled practice that… Read More

It’s taken a singing competition to underscore the importance of measurable ROI. Last month I pointed out how mobile marketing really boosted the success of American Idol (whose parent company, FremantleMedia, is a mobileStorm client), much more so than traditional marketing. Specifically, I pointed to the record numbers of voters–the majority of whom had texted-in–who participated in… Read More

Last week, I explained  that videos and email marketing messages go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Click-through rates for marketing emails increase two or three times with the inclusion of video! This is in part because increasingly larger numbers of consumers (we’re talking trillions!) want to spend time watching online video, and also because it’s becoming… Read More

mobileStorm’s six messaging types for marketers are all conducive to our stance that multi-channel campaigns are best. We’ve also long suggested that marketers be multi-channel within a single message–for example, by including video in an email marketing message, which engages the recipient and also makes the message viral. We’re so forward-thinking that it’s only been recently that… Read More


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