Global advertising spending will increase 5.7 percent this year. It’s being driven by higher expenditure on digital and mobile marketing, according to a survey by eMarketer recently published at BDLive. The increase is the largest growth projection for global advertising spending since eMarketer began tracking the market in 2008. Total media spending could top $545 billion this… Read More

What mobile advertisers love is the ability to target smartphone users with ads. Unfortunately, what mobile users hate is advertisers’ ability to target them with ads. It feels like an invasion to many mobile users, according to new data discussed in an interesting post at Forbes. According to writer Ewan Spence, “The theory goes that with a… Read More

Digital marketing is the future when it comes to attracting shoppers to retail locations. That’s the vision of Alastair Lockhart, a UK-based marketing expert. “Smartphones and tablets have become a ubiquitous part of people’s lives, with shoppers now instinctively turning to their phones throughout the day for a multitude of reasons,” says Lockhart, according to RetailWeek. “Shoppers… Read More

Are marketing professionals prepared for the digital future? Because frankly — it’s here. In fact, we’d go so far as to say, “If it’s not going digital, it didn’t happen.” Marketing honchos are going to be losing ground if they don’t understand that the content that works today is streamed, mobilized, optimized, and analyzed through digital channels…. Read More

If a customer signs up for Pandora or some other service in San Diego, then moves to Pittsburgh, he could continue to hear useless ads for California winery events for months or even years. While mobile-users are the #1 growth audience for marketers today, there are big challenges ahead. Frankly, too many targeted ads miss their mark… Read More

A recently published report from Opera Mediaworks tells us quite a bit about the popularity of phablets as well as the strong social media and mobile ad engagement habits of phablet owners. The new study on phablet users identifies how their media consumption habits differ from those of smartphone and tablet users, as well as how their… Read More

Are marketers romancing or stalking their customers? It’s a worthwhile question and one that deserves an answer in this era of increasing data and growing personalization. Consider, for instance, today’s typical online prospect. She’s searching for a striped shirt for her son’s birthday. No sooner does she peruse the offerings at a couple favored brand web sites… Read More

Top online marketers enjoy more than triple the conversion rates of the bottom third of advertisers, according to a new digital marketing optimization study by Adobe. Why? Those marketers are willing to invest in a culture of data, testing, optimization, and analytics. In other words, they get the facts — and they use them to great effect…. Read More


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