Although Google is branching out into, well, everything, they proved in 2013 that they haven’t forgotten where they started; their revolutionary, game changing search engine. How did they prove it? When they released their new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Then they went a step further and bought DNNResearch, Wavii and Bahavio to augment it. All told, it amount… Read More

If there were any doubts before, the time to dispatch them is now. Consumers the world over are using their mobile devices to check and respond to email in numbers previously unimaginable. Today, nearly two-thirds (65%) of marketing emails are opened on mobile devices. Citing the latest industry data showcasing the muscle of mobile in email marketing,… Read More

The one sure-fire way to know if your video advertising is working is to focus on metrics, something that can be as easy as tallying impressions or as involved as tracking audience reaction to ads across multiple screens. It’s not always easy, to be sure, but according to a new eMarketer report entitled Digital Video Ad Metrics:… Read More

Social media may be hot, but for digital marketers, email remains the gold standard. And that’s not poised to change any time soon. According to the findings of a new survey highlighted this week by Digital Trends, email (especially email optimized for the mobile screen where a majority of people now read their email) is substantially more… Read More

Considering that they have only been in the mainstream for a relatively short period of time, apps are already proving indispensable to businesses. From providing time-sensitive information to customers, to subtly cultivating brand loyalty straight from the small screen, mobile apps have been among the leading drivers of brand loyalty for businesses large and small in the… Read More

Two weeks ago, Biz Stone introduced Jelly, a mobile app for iOS and Android that serves as an image-centric Q&A platform for socially connected mobile users. “Using Jelly is kinda like using a conventional search engine in that you ask it stuff and it returns answers,” a blog entry on the Jelly website explained at launch. “But,… Read More

4G Internet connectivity and other traditionally mobile device-centric technologies are coming to automobiles this year. And the marketing and advertising opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving dynamics of in-auto connectivity will soon be apparent. Those hoping to use voice commands to start their vehicle or activate other features such as turning on the heat, might see their… Read More

Mobile security company AdaptiveMobile has just issued an industry-first snapshot of SMS traffic across the United States, which shows some unprecedented visualizations of text messaging spam based on the mobile phone’s geographical location. The image also projects what AdaptiveMobile calls the industry’s first “comprehensive map” of the sources and targets of mobile spam in the United States…. Read More


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