Top online marketers enjoy more than triple the conversion rates of the bottom third of advertisers, according to a new digital marketing optimization study by Adobe. Why? Those marketers are willing to invest in a culture of data, testing, optimization, and analytics. In other words, they get the facts — and they use them to great effect…. Read More

The average conversion rate, according to Adobe’s recent Digital Optimization survey, is 2.6 percent. On the other hand, 20 percent of companies report a conversion rate greater than 4.5 percent. How do they do it? We mean those successful companies that are obviously doing something better to turn potential into reality, of course. Based on a global… Read More

In just over two weeks, Silicon Beach Fest 2014 kicks off in Santa Monica, California. And this year’s event is expected to draw scores of startup CEOs, accelerators, VCs, movie and music studio execs, agencies, developers, designers, and some of the biggest influencers from around the worlds of mobile technology, marketing, and social media. Commencing June 18th,… Read More

In October 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began enforcing a strict new set of rules governing marketing calls and text messages directed at consumers on their mobile phones. New provisions in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) introduced these tighter restrictions on mobile marketing and mobile messaging. Almost overnight, the revamped rules wrought confusion upon marketers… Read More

As mobile marketers ramp up efforts to target millennials, a group that wields an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power, it’s never been more important to understand the mindset of the consumer that is being targeted. It’s a conundrum that leaves some marketers wishing they had pursued a masters in psychology or sociology. But thanks to… Read More

It wasn’t long ago that QR Codes seemed to be headed to the scrapheap of digital technology, but recently they’ve been seeing a bit of a revival. Now comes news that Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) plans to use QR Codes at 75,000 locations, including shopping malls, airports, bus stops and so forth, where consumers have “heavy footfall… Read More

Mobile targeting is a concept that goes far beyond simply reaching your target audience. Instead, true mobile targeting focuses on the different habits consumers demonstrate across different mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks. It also encompasses targeting consumers by their location – more specifically, their current location. The challenge with mobile targeting, when compared to desktop… Read More

A recent study performed by Econsultancy and SEMPO was conducted with information gathered by over 400 marketing companies, agencies, and consultants, 73% of which are based in the US. The primary focus of the study was to determine how the increase in mobile web browsing is changing the face of online marketing. Clearly, as mobile web browsing… Read More


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