A common challenge for all marketers is recruiting and then retaining high quality digital talent, especially with the talent pool being relatively shallow according to a recent study entitled The State of Digital Marketing Talent, which sheds copious light on the situation. One of its key findings is that there is a big gap between what employers… Read More

Astonishingly, more than one-quarter of U.S.-based CIOs report their organization has no mobile technology strategy today. 28 percent of chief information officers surveyed by Robert Half Technology made that startling admission, once again affirming the surprising reality that a significant number of companies large and small remain out of touch with the opportunities in mobile. Auspiciously, other… Read More

It’s a story that’s been repeating itself over and over during the last few years – desktop search advertising is shrinking. The reason is simply that advertisers are now following consumers to where they spend the most time, on their mobile phones. As mobile search advertising increases, desktop continues to shrink. Considering that the cost of a… Read More

Mobile targeting is a concept that goes far beyond simply reaching your target audience. Instead, true mobile targeting focuses on the different habits consumers demonstrate across different mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks. It also encompasses targeting consumers by their location – more specifically, their current location. The challenge with mobile targeting, when compared to desktop… Read More

A new Accenture mobility study that included 1,475 executives in 10 industries across 14 countries says that, after years of focusing in other areas, many companies are finally shifting to a mobile-first mindset with their marketing. A majority of the executives interviewed told Accenture that their research departments were going “detailed and deep” when it comes to… Read More

The diverse worlds of entertainment, technology, and pop culture are turning their attention to Austin, Texas this week for SXSW 2014. South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in the Lone Star State. Launched in 1987, SXSW continues to grow in size and stature… Read More

As the so-called “Me Generation” comes of age, marketers have begun to see a much higher demand for personalized marketing messages.  The latest industry data, for example, suggests that a majority of consumers would prefer a personalized email over a stock one (no shocker there). Similarly, recent polling reveals that this growing consumer demand applies to all… Read More

Gartner this week published a new report identifying key mobile technologies and capabilities for 2015 and 2016 that could have a profound impact on a variety of industries, including mobile marketing. Organizations wishing to unlock the full potential of mobility must master a wide range of technologies and skills, many of which remain unfamiliar to IT staff,… Read More


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