If a customer signs up for Pandora or some other service in San Diego, then moves to Pittsburgh, he could continue to hear useless ads for California winery events for months or even years. While mobile-users are the #1 growth audience for marketers today, there are big challenges ahead. Frankly, too many targeted ads miss their mark… Read More

Most marketers have long known what a new report from Nielsen is now telling them; that mobile represents a huge opportunity for brand marketers. The only drawback at this point is simply that mobile is relatively young and, when it comes time to engage in mobile advertising, many marketers are still confused about best practices since they’re… Read More

A number of years ago, before smartphones and tablets were even invented, a marketing guru out of Philadelphia named Bob Gollwitzer said something that today’s modern digital marketer definitely needs to hear; “We [those in marketing] need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions, and people do not read television, they watch it.”… Read More

“Time and tide wait for no man,” goes the expression. Today, that old saw applies well to what’s going on in mobile advertising. While users have dramatically shifted to mobile, advertisers are having trouble making the switch — and that tide will not wait. That conclusion was at the heart of a recent report by Mary Meeker,… Read More

Even though demand for them has been falling a bit as of late, recent research shows that tablet computers are actually being used more and more in concert with other activities like watching TV, and that it’s not just teens and young adults who are using them all day long. Research from Flurry Analytics, for example, shows… Read More

Analysts are predicting that, by 2018, spending on Real Time Bidding (RTB) will increase nearly three-fold to $12 billion, from just over $4.8 billion this year. A new report released earlier this month also shows that, in the RTB spending arena, the entertainment industry is definitely the dominant force and will be a major factor in its… Read More

Paul Greenberg, the so-called ”Godfather of CRM”  believes that the battle in advertising today is not between competitors but against consumer attention spans that are rapidly diminishing. Traditional “shotgun style” marketing just doesn’t work anymore and has pushed marketers to go to where consumers actually are getting together, listening or congregating in some way and then offering… Read More

On Monday, comScore released the latest mobile industry data showing that domestic smartphone penetration is rapidly closing in on the next milestone threshold. Reporting key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for the three month period ending March 2014, 166 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones (68.8 percent mobile market penetration). That’s up 6 percent since… Read More


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