The trade show circuit in the United States and abroad is huge, with millions of people attending every year. At some of the bigger shows, announcing the day’s events can be difficult and, in some cases, a nearly impossible task. With things like keynote speeches, autograph signings, giveaways, exhibitions and presentations, it can be difficult for attendees… Read More

With Google, Samsung, and Apple all expected to have cutting edge wearable devices or smartwatches on the market by year’s end, the time for mobile marketers to begin thinking beyond the smartphone and tablet screen is upon us. While there’s no concrete timetable for Apple’s launch of its still-rumored iWatch product, Samsung is already knee-deep in wearables…. Read More

Findings presented in the new Citrix Mobile Analytics Report indicate that mobile advertisements now reach an audience almost double that reached in 2013. Moving forward, Citrix projects dramatic growth in the number of subscribers touched by video ads and the data volume attributable to video ads. Not surprisingly, such growth will be driven, in part, by such… Read More

Multiscreening is the act of dividing your attention between more than one electronic device with a screen at one time. This could mean balancing your attention between or among your desktop, laptop, notebook, or smartphone simultaneously. While it is assumed that most multiscreening involves using a secondary electronic device while watching TV, a 2013 study performed by… Read More

Today across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), mobile is used to provide more services than anyone could have anticipated only five short years ago. From SMS alerts and mobile marketing, to QR codes and mobile banking platforms, mobile is now used for everything and to promote everything in the UAE. But mobile’s growing role inside the realm… Read More

Although Google is branching out into, well, everything, they proved in 2013 that they haven’t forgotten where they started; their revolutionary, game changing search engine. How did they prove it? When they released their new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Then they went a step further and bought DNNResearch, Wavii and Bahavio to augment it. All told, it amount… Read More

If you’re in the United Kingdom, there is an excellent possibility that the next person you spot using their smartphone to scan a QR code will be a man. According to the most recent data from comScore, among mobile phone users in Great Britain, 63% scanning QR codes were male. While some across the mobile community were… Read More

New industry data from IDC indicates that the global smartphone market reached yet another milestone last year, having shipped one billion units in a single year for the first time. Confirmed January 28th in the most recent update to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped just north of one billion smartphones… Read More


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