What are the chief obstacles standing in the way of good results with content marketing? A survey recently conducted by Demand Metric asked 521 marketers about their recent efforts in order to find out, including the difference between enterprise marketers and small business owners when it comes to the way they look at content and strategy. They… Read More

It’s a question on the minds of many social media marketers and an issue countless more wrestle with as they plan their strategies and plans of attack. When is the best time to post on social media? Well, as luck would have it, some enterprising minds in the business dedicated their time and resources to finding an… Read More

Reaching consumers through online content is the trendy “new” way to advertise and market brands. The big problem is that there’s no true definition of content marketing or “native advertising” and, while many publishers, brands and marketers argue about said definition, they’re missing the fact that no matter what they provide to consumers, they should be focusing… Read More

Large scale social platforms are benefiting greatly from the rapid shift to mobile, according to Colin Sebastian from RW Baird. He writes that recent “field checks” suggest that Twitter and Facebook have excellent financial visibility in the first half of 2014, controlling almost 70% of spending being done on mobile and approximately 10% of overall advertising. Sebastian… Read More

A recent report from Positionly aims to highlight what are being called “the new SEO strategies” that work in the modern digital and mobile age of marketing. Instantly drawing controversy upon its publication, some critics are quick to point out that “old SEO” strategies are far from dead and the new tactics touted are tenuous at best…. Read More

According to the published findings of Econsultancy‘s 8th annual Email Marketing Industry Census – the “largest UK survey of email marketers” – revenue from email has increased by 28% in one year. Nearly 7 out of 10 companies (68%) ranked email marketing as “good” or “excellent,” making it the best-ranked channel amid some pretty hefty competition, which… Read More

A common challenge for all marketers is recruiting and then retaining high quality digital talent, especially with the talent pool being relatively shallow according to a recent study entitled The State of Digital Marketing Talent, which sheds copious light on the situation. One of its key findings is that there is a big gap between what employers… Read More

The power of content marketing has been effectively harnessed in the digital world for many years now. In its early stages, content marketing was sales-heavy. But it then evolved into more relatable and informative blogs and articles – pieces that offered real value and actionable insight. But, as the content marketing experts attest, content marketing is more… Read More


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