In its Q2 report, Adobe confirms that U.S. marketers served by the company spent almost 9 percent more on search ads, compared to Q2 2013. Adobe estimates that spend for the year will increase up to 12 percent among all of its clients. A story covered at MediaPost says that an analysis of the U.S., U.K., and… Read More

For marketers it used to be a lot easier. Only a few years ago there was basically television and either laptop or PC computers and, on those three devices, they would engage with the vast majority of the population. It was exceedingly rare for a user to be engaged with more than one device at the same… Read More

Global advertising spending will increase 5.7 percent this year. It’s being driven by higher expenditure on digital and mobile marketing, according to a survey by eMarketer recently published at BDLive. The increase is the largest growth projection for global advertising spending since eMarketer began tracking the market in 2008. Total media spending could top $545 billion this… Read More

Who’s the advertising giant in the UK market? According to data shared this week by eMarketer, Google will remain the UK’s top ranked digital ad publisher by a wide margin. The Internet search behemoth is expected to take in roughly 40 percent of the UK digital ad spend annually through at least 2016. In addition, eMarketer estimates… Read More

What mobile advertisers love is the ability to target smartphone users with ads. Unfortunately, what mobile users hate is advertisers’ ability to target them with ads. It feels like an invasion to many mobile users, according to new data discussed in an interesting post at Forbes. According to writer Ewan Spence, “The theory goes that with a… Read More

BrightEdge, a leading global Enterprise SEO platform, tracks billions of keywords and pieces of content for a variety of clients, including about 30 percent of Fortune 100 companies. When it researches, people listen. And they’ll listen to the company’s recent research results. Brightedge found that 27 percent of Web sites are not properly optimized for smartphone searches,… Read More

Are marketing professionals prepared for the digital future? Because frankly — it’s here. In fact, we’d go so far as to say, “If it’s not going digital, it didn’t happen.” Marketing honchos are going to be losing ground if they don’t understand that the content that works today is streamed, mobilized, optimized, and analyzed through digital channels…. Read More

It’s enough to making marketers lose sleep. The pace of the advertising and marketing world — an around the clock, global, fast-paced daily sprint — has creative professionals on edge. That edge may be the edge of the bed, head in hands, unable to sleep. According to the recent “The New Creatives” report from Adobe, about 66… Read More


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