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Who We Are

When our CEO founded mobileStorm in 1999, it wasn’t because of an amazing idea he had or the fact that mobile was going to be the next major tech revolution. No, his goal was much simpler than that, he wanted to be free. Free to make his own decisions, free to innovate at his own pace, and free to work with whomever he wanted to.

Our roots are deeply cemented in freedom (very much like this great country we live in). We offer flexible hours; employees are encouraged to decide how to best use their time. We don’t manage top down, everyone is encouraged to make his or her own decisions and we all fly coach.

We work hard to extend freedom to our clients. We free up large quantities of our clients’ time because we don’t believe enterprise platforms should be complicated to use (we are smitten with HTML 5). We also do things a bit backwards, like we don’t require long-term contracts, set-up fees or charge for messages on a CPM basis. Every tier we offer practically comes with the same technology, services and support, you just get a bit more stuff with the higher tiers.

A salary is just icing when you love what you do. Jared realized this, in his words, not early enough, and firmly believes that if everyone at mobileStorm can experience on some level the same freedom he gets as the CEO, then Storm Troopers (that’s us) will be incredibly passionate and dedicated, and everyone we work with, especially our clients, whom we love, will benefit. But it doesn’t stop there; even our technology is developed so that our customer’s customer has the freedom to decide how they want to be communicated with (email, SMS or mobile apps anyone?). As a Communication Service Provider (CSP), our mission is to help companies communicate with as much relevance as possible. That way, everyone is free, from the ISP who delivers email to the consumer who desperately wants to engage with messages that mean something.

When you are working with us, whether you are an employee, client or vendor, we encourage you to push the boundaries. Life is too short to not enjoy where you spend most of your waking hours. So if you have some free time on your hands, see what makes us happy. Take a tour of our offices, and check out our core values.


Our Core Values

"Most core values go to ten, but ours go to eleven" -Jared Reitzin


Maintain Integrity at all Costs. Integrity is how we've stayed in business and why we'll continue. No matter what the situation, always do the right thing.


Make Decisions. We believe decisions should be made by those closest to the issue or those most affected by it. Top down management is old school; make decisions on your own, but ask the advice of others before executing it.


Practice Transparency. Share all kinds of information, often. A transparent organization is a trustworthy one.


Be Successful. Success comes from hitting your goals on a consistent basis. Have a plan for how you'll hit your goals and evaluate often, that way you always know where you stand.


Remember to Laugh. If it's truly the best medicine, then we're abusing our prescription. Laughter is your fuel to get through the good times and the bad.


No Surprises. No one likes to be surprised, so communicate effectively and get people ready. These are the keys to running an effective organization.


Provide Customers with a Legendary Experience. Happiness, honesty, company support, empathy and solutions, are the core principles of what we like to call "Legendary Customer Service" Give your customers an experience that will become a thing of legend.


Work Hard, and Have Lots of Fun. We believe that fun cannot be had without work, and work cannot be done without fun. Make sure you always balance the two, or you won't be able to live up to the other core values.


ABL (Always Be Learning). Smart people can add value in any situation. The more you educate yourself, the more valuable you will be to everyone around you.


Don't Just Create . . . Innovate. A unique offering provides a competitive edge. Make sure you always spend a portion of your time thinking about how mobileStorm can set the standard.


Know the Facts. Good data helps you make the right decisions. Know before you decide.



Jared Reitzin


Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Gary Holderby


Chief Operating Officer

Brian Chudleigh


VP, Finance

Ojas Amin


Director, Engineering & Co-Founder

Ram Prayaga


VP of Product & Technology

Jared Reitzin


Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dave Carlson



Jonathan N. Schreiber




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