Gaming_Large-03We look for dedicated, passionate employees we know will engage with our customers. They are driven to solve problems. Extremely well qualified, they are expert in healthcare issues and available to bring the human touch to sensitive issues all while maintaining absolute privacy.


Healthcare_Large-02Communicating effectively isn't enough, however. Customer privacy and data security is of top priority. mobileStorm understands the importance of securely managing a customer's personal health information. This means we store data in encrypted form on our servers with redundant methods of security to ensure its integrity. But, we also use advanced methods of encryption and security when communicating with a customer.



Gaming_Large-01mobileStorm is totally HIPAA-compliant and this really means two things: first, all stored data and distributed messages are encrypted at the required level to ensure total privacy. Secondly, our organization is HIPAA-compliant as well with all employees undergoing extensive background screening and vigorous training to thoroughly know and embrace the regulations.


Gaming_Large-04Imagine communicating with customers based on their immediate needs using channels like our own AppMail, text, push notifications, email, and social media. Our multi-channel approach allows you to reach customers in the way they want to be reached with the information they need.


Gaming_Large-05All of our collected data is filtered for relevancy so messaging and alerts to customers becomes much more meaningful. This allows you to communicate more directly with a customer, increasing trust and effectiveness.


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