Mobile marketers, advertisers, and app developers may want to make Android a higher priority. According to a new report from IDC, the worldwide smartphone market is on fire. In the second quarter of this year, 300 million units shipped for the first time ever — a milestone quarter, says the IDC, and a landmark achievement for the… Read More

The “internet of things” is coming. Are you ready for future of “total connection”? The first line when it comes to the internet of things — IoT as it’s abbreviated — is, of course, businesses themselves. But if a May, 2014 study by Edelman Berland for GE is to be believed, while the majority of business executives… Read More

Sprout Social is out with a new infographic that is a must-read for social media marketers everywhere. Are you maintaining a healthy Twitter feed? Chances are, you’ll be able to answer that question more honestly after you peruse the following visual. And if you’re not doing a superb job yet, you will certainly be on the right… Read More

mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin will be the lead presenter at a meetup this morning at the HMRI Research Conference Center in Pasadena, California. If you haven’t registered to attend, the event’s organizers say you can follow along on social media using the hashtags #meetuphcare and #healthcarestartups. At today’s presentation, Reitzin will provide insight on how to succeed… Read More

If there’s any doubt that data-driven marketing and online content personalization is the way of the future, the recent study produced by Econsultancy put those doubts to rest. It showed that business professionals in the digital industry want more, and superior, analytics in order to better tailor their content to the demands of consumers who, more than… Read More

Been dragging your feet on security measures for your website? Now may be the time to get serious about security. In a recent announcement at its own site (a much-discussed post that now boasts more than a thousand reader comments), Google revealed it will begin using website encryption, or HTTPS, as a ranking signal. According to TechCrunch,… Read More

For many years, Facebook marketing has primarily been used for building brand awareness and increasing engagement. While building brand awareness and increasing consumer engagement certainly lead to conversions, it is a challenging thing to measure. For that reason, it has left many companies opting to do less with their Facebook marketing than with other online marketing avenues…. Read More

The Mobile Marketing Association recently announced the formation of what the organization is calling the first ever Mobile Location Data Accuracy Group. The focus of the group will be to “eliminate any confusion around mobile location data and to improve the trust and confidence brand marketers and agencies have in mobile location advertising and the data that… Read More


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