Television advertising is still a contender, but for anyone looking at the growth projections, digital ad spending is where it’s at for 2015. According to a recent forecast from Strategy Analytics, digital advertising in the U.S. will grow 13 percent in 2015. That would represent a 3.2 percent increase in total ad spend to $186.6 billion. “By… Read More

Underscoring the need for company IT leaders to work in concert with company CMOs, Gartner is out with a new report that ties a direct link between IT and marketing in future enterprise success, By 2018, the report notes, CIOs who build strong relationships With CMOs will drive a 25 percent improvement. “Increasing marketing technology investments are… Read More

If Millennials aren’t high on your list of priority targets for your mobile marketing efforts, it may be time to revamp your priorities. According to freshly published research from Chase, Millennials are exceedingly prone to act fast on a deal or offer presented on their mobile device or computer. Impulse buys, as they are commonly known, have… Read More

“Back in the day,” as the young folk say, YouTube was the place to go for video. Not just a place, not just one place — it was THE place. But a new day is dawning and whether YouTube will hold onto to its video laurel wreath in the future is very much an open question. Why?… Read More

Freshly published data from the new GWI Device Report shows that smartphone ownership is exceedingly elevated among adults who routinely go online. According to analyst Jason Mander, PCs and laptops remain in “pole position,” as 91% of internet users between the ages of 16-64 admit to personally owning one. But smartphone ownership doesn’t trail too far behind…. Read More

For mobile marketers, there have never been more bulls-eyes across Latin America than there are today. According to the latest industry data, the base of mobile phone users in Latin America has soared to approximately 400 million as of the end of 2014. Not surprisingly, a significant share of this base — one-third — resides in Brazil…. Read More

For some time, healthcare hospitals and providers have believed that instead of re-inventing a wheel, the “buy it” versus “build it” strategy with mobile apps worked best. But interestingly, the need for good mobile apps that satisfy the hospital’s patients, clinicians, and employees is outrunning the ability of the market to develop them. That’s the take from… Read More

Content marketing is more than words. That’s the rote definition, but not the right one. At its best, content marketing is the way Internet-savvy companies cajole, inform, persuade, educate, empathize, and call to action. It goes without saying that content marketing was big in 2014. But it’s going to be even bigger in 2015. Citing information from… Read More


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